Managing Flows in Architectural Design - Summer 2012

Winning Flows TM (Vinnande Flöden®: link1, link2) is a new method developed by Erika Bellander (MSc. - PMP, KTH lecturer) from BELLWOX AB (Org.nummer: 556762-0678); in workshop we will specify this method to Architectural Design Process. The method inventor, Erika Bellander will lead the related issues in the workshop. Processes happens always, regardless of what we call them. To understand and get control over the business the organizing and decisions must be in sync with the processes. Moreover a common sence, knowledge and emotions must be connected with the participants to get a long term efficient and prosperous business. This workshop develops Your intuitive abilities and gives You a deeper knowlede in seing, understanding and development of Your processes, that fastly makes an every day change. We give you a new mindset and help you to solve problems long term! During the day we will work with creative ways to understand the creative process flow and its behavior. This will give the participants useful tools to improve creative design projects and motivate them in their future work. The event will be managed by BH Yousefi and held in Telefonplan (Konferens Kobran Stockholm facilities

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